The Adventures of Mr. Schneider: Issue #52

We wrap up Mr. Schneider’s adventures this week as he (sort of) comes full circle. Here he is as Bob Dylan in one of Elliott Landy’s colorfully iconic Woodstock photographs. He’s been making the scene in black and white all this time, but the vibrant colors in Landy’s picture seemed an appropriate send off for such a colorful character. He started out playing with Dylan¬†and the Hawks in Manchester, England, in Issue #1 — here, he’s stepping back and retiring to the peace of the woods. You deserve the rest, Mr. S.¬†Farewell, and thanks for the yuks.


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Mary Regan is an actor, writer and artist living in NYC. She's appeared in several off-off Broadway productions, performed improvisation, sketch and solo comedy at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, Magnet Theater and The PIT. She's written essays and drawn illustrations for the zine I Love Bad Movies, and writes and draws her own comic called Sainted which can be viewed along with other illustrations here.