RAVER: How to Date Your Favorite ’60s Rock Star

When you’re a teen in love with your favorite rock star, every day is Valentine’s Day. Although it’s a far-fetched idea, 1960s music magazines were full of articles fueling little girls’ fantasies of dream dates, proposals, and of course, tons of kisses with their faves.

Let’s put ourselves in their shoes for a moment. Regardless of whether you have a significant other to cozy up to in real life, pick your ’60s rock star crush (or idol) and follow these steps to score your own trip to Dreamsville.

Step 1: Get yourself noticed

Before you get too carried away daydreaming, you have to let your fave know you’re alive, right? Before Facebook stalking was a thing, there was letter writing. And these missives from the April 1966 issue of Tiger Beat are great examples of how to pour out your heart on paper.

Use these snippets from the letters above as inspiration:

“Sometimes I get the funniest feeling thinking that you breathe, eat, sleep, and even brush your teeth….The next time you put out a cigarette, stick the butt in an envelope and send it to me?” – Brenda’s letter to Brian Jones

“All my life, I have dreamed of you, and now is my chance to get you (finally)! I am desperate and feel that you should divorce Maureen. I feel that this would be the right move since I am more capable of fulfilling your needs. I went to your performance in Seattle….I know you were staring at me with longing eyes. Don’t you remember?” – Willa’s letter to Ringo Starr

“From now on, I am going to devote all my time to you….Please wait for me, Eric. Now that I have given up all other boys for you, you must know how important you are to me.” Christine’s letter to Eric Burdon

“I can’t really describe how funny I feel every time I think about you….I’m not just another one of your silly fans. I love you deeply and want to make up to you for anything bad that ever happened in your life.” – Melvina’s letter to Dino Martin

Now, consult those handy lists of fan club addresses found in most mags and deliver de letter (de sooner, de better)!

Step 2: Prepare yourself

First of all, *you’re. I’m done.

While you’re waiting for a reply from your fave, know you’re not alone. As this article from Teen Screen points out, a crush on a famous rockstar is a “personal problem that effects [sic] everyone differently.” [Side note: Seriously?? Get it together, Teen Screen copy editors!]

This particular article comes from a 16-year-old fan in “luv” with the Beatles. She perfectly captures those butterflies that only come from idolizing that one special person (or, in this case, four special people):

“For awhile, I was a raving Beatlemaniac, and it was wonderful. No, it was more than wonderful. It was a bright, wild, almost desperate kind of happiness that made you hurry, if you know what I mean. Everything was faster, more urgent. Life was more alive.”

Her passion was short-lived after she realized the Beatles were taking over her life, but in bride-of-Christ-like devotion, she decided to start a fan club for girls like her: recovering Beatlemaniacs who had hit their saturation point. Through the club, she became closer to her fave than ever.

Not saying your next step is to start a fan club, but it’s a good way to earn brownie points with your one and only!

Step 3: Know what to expect on your first date

Because I’m sure the majority of Ravers reading this right now have never been on a date, let’s let small-screen queen Shelley Fabares tell us how it’s done:

  • Don’t play hard-to-get
  • Don’t make him wait when he picks you up
  • Have something interesting prepared to say
  • But don’t talk too much or talk to other people
  • Don’t pay for anything on the first date (it’s too aggressive!)
  • Also, don’t ask him to pay for anything because he might be broke and you’ll embarrass him
  • Don’t shake his hand at the end of the night
  • No kissing on the first date!

As Shell says, “If he is out for that kiss alone, then aren’t you better off by setting the record straight in front — and never seeing that type again?” Agreed. If there’s one thing most women hate on the first date, it’s romantic intentions.

But your fave would never be so forward, right? He’s too sweet and perfect. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll have a swell time for sure.

Step 4: Become the girl of your fave’s dreams

Before you go out on your dream date, you need to do your very best to conform to your fave’s idea of the perfect girl. Thankfully, most of these magazines have copious amounts of “fax” to do just that.

Phil “Fang” Volk told 16 magazine in December 1966 that his ideal gal is “feminine, charming, and considerate” and “makes me feel like a man.” You’ll have to love the outdoors and be “by no means fragile.” And echoing Shelley’s advice, Fang says, “A girl should know when it is the right time to be quiet.” Very important points to keep in mind.

Step 5: Go on your date!

Your prayers — and letters — have been answered, and the best day of your life is finally here! If your date is anything like Sherry’s was with Mark Lindsay, profiled in 16 magazine in November 1968, you can expect what’s surely a preview of your future life together.

Between shopping in Hollywood and drinking sodas in the back of his Rolls-Royce, he’s probably confessing how glad he is he waited for you, and if he’s Ringo, admitting you were right about the whole divorcing-Maureen thing. You always knew you two were meant to be — and now your dream has come true.

What’s next? Why, a proposal, of course!

Except, unlike Phyllis Nesmith, you’ll make sure to say “yes” the first time, won’t you?

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