JUKEBOX: Keep that Resolution with a Retro Fitness Playlist

It’s the new year, and you know what that means… time to make good on those resolutions! More people commit to getting in shape than anything else, so chances are it’s on your list, too. But there’s a reason it’s always the #1 resolution: it’s the hardest one to keep. Boredom and lack of motivation make it drop off your to-do list faster than you can say “where’s the remote?”

Nothing helps you get motivated more than your workout music (seriously, it’s a scientific fact!). It gets you in the mood to move, helps you achieve more intensity with less effort, and gets you so focused on the beat you barely remember you’re doing something you’d rather not do. But the music has to be the right music, you know? I mean, that gorgeous folk ballad you adore under every other circumstance is a huge buzzkill if it comes on just when you’re going for the high-intensity training. But never fear! REBEAT has come to your aid with an hour-long playlist of upbeat retro tracks that will get you pumped to stick with your resolution in 2015!

1) “I’m Into Something Good,” Herman’s Hermits (1964)


Time to get warmed up, because working out is fun, right? Right?? Even if you’d much rather spend the hour in bed, starting your workout with a warmup song that’s positive and fun is instant motivation. And really, what’s more fun than a little Herman’s Hermits? Peter Noone can get the grumpiest grinch to turn into a goofy, smiley kid (I think that might be a scientific fact too), so this song will ease you into your workout with a bouncy beat that will put a smile on your face.

2) “I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet,” Carole King (1971)

It may sound cheesy, but songs about moving or dancing can actually help you focus on your goal. Carole King’s soulful voice and the song’s heavy beat will help you take it to the next level as you work up to a little higher intensity, and images of the earth moving under your feet may just help you pound the pavement (or the treadmill belt) a little harder.

3) “ABC,” The Jackson 5 (1970)

Ready for a little more intensity? Catchy dance songs like the Jackson 5’s “ABC” will get you so pumped and in the mood to dance, you may not even remember why you were so resistant to working out in the first place.

4) “Long Tall Sally,” The Beatles (1970)

By this point, you may be a little tired and thinking about knocking off early. But when the opening notes of “Long Tall Sally” (The Beatles or Little Richard) come screaming through your earbuds, I dare you to not instantly raise your game for a minute-and-a-half of high-intensity craziness!

5) “Break on Through (to the Other Side),” The Doors (1967)

Another irresistible workout song. And as with “I Feel the Earth Move” and so many others on the playlist, the lyrics will motivate you to push through (or maybe break on through) to the end.

6) “Daydream Believer,” The Monkees (1967)

You made it, so congratulate yourself on a great start to keeping that resolution! Take the last few songs to cool down, stretch, and feel good about your accomplishment. The Monkees will help you wind down with a smile on your face and — with any luck– ending on a happy note will motivate you to get back to the gym again and again.

Good luck with your resolutions, and Happy New Year!

What are your favorite retro workout songs? Tell us in the comments!

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